What Mobility Aids Can Help a Senior Get In & Out of Bed?

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When muscles and bones are young, moving around is usually easy and unrestricted, but as adults age, daily activities and simple things like getting in and out of bed can become more difficult. Despite these challenges, there are several mobility aids that can make getting up in the morning and settling in at night a bit easier for seniors. 

Bed Rails & Grab Handles

Bed rails make it easier for elderly people to feel supported when they’re getting in and out of bed. The rails usually slide under the mattress and over the box spring, with the person’s body weight keeping them in place. They’re also useful for repositioning or turning over during the night as well as keeping seniors from falling out of bed. Grab handles have a different shape but are used in a similar way to maintain balance when getting out of bed. 

Seniors living with conditions that require mobility assistance should consider hiring home caregivers. Home care service experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.

Bed Caddies

When sitting up in bed is a challenge, a bed caddie can be used to pull the upper part of the body up from the mattress. Useful after surgery and for people with back conditions, the caddie comes in the form of a strap that’s attached to the bed frame and divided into three grab areas. It allows seniors to pull themselves up gradually until they’re upright. 

If your loved one is living with cognitive decline due to dementia or Alzheimer’s, you may need to look for mobility aids that are the most simple for your loved one to use. Caring for a senior with dementia can be challenging for family caregivers. Luckily, there is dementia care families can rely on. Professional dementia caregivers help seniors with dementia stay safe and comfortable at home by preventing wandering, providing cognitive stimulation, and assisting with household chores. 

Leg Lifts

Sometimes people just need a little help lifting their legs in and out of bed. This can be accomplished more easily when the individual uses a leg lift. This long strap is made of a strong webbed material with a loop at one end. With some easy maneuvering, the user places a foot into the loop, holds the end of the strap, and lifts the leg manually without bending over. 

Mobility aids can be inexpensive, and they can go a long way toward helping seniors maintain their independence and promote a feeling of being in control. If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one who has difficulty getting in and out of bed, these can help you with safe transferring practices, ensuring overall safety and security. 

Even with the help of mobility aids, living independently may be challenging for your loved one. Seniors can face a variety of age-related challenges. Though some families choose to take on the caregiving duties, there may come a time when they need a trusted in-home care provider. Families sometimes need respite from their duties so they can focus on their other responsibilities, and some seniors need around-the-clock assistance that their families are not able to provide. Ambience In-Home Care is here to help. To hire a dedicated caregiver, call one of our Care Managers at (469) 573-4213 today.


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