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Alzheimer’s care requires a unique caregiver. The person must not only possess the skills necessary to assist with day-to-day tasks but also display the highest levels of empathy, compassion, and patience to effectively help seniors manage changes in memory and the secondary symptoms sometimes associated with this disease

At Ambience In-Home Care, our memory care specialists are professional caregivers with specialized training in assisting clients with Alzheimer’s. They understand the unique nature of this disease. Because no two clients progress through the stages in the same way, our caregivers utilize patience, persistence, and a positive approach to help seniors feel empowered, respected, and cared for through good days and bad and during every stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Care Ambience
Ambience Alzheimer’s Care

Comprehensive & Effective Alzheimer’s Care Plans

To best meet the needs of families who are having difficulty managing Alzheimer’s, it’s crucial to understand their unique needs and challenges and listen to what matters most to them in the home care experience. Ambience In-Home Care’s Care Managers meet with families to listen and learn. Together, they develop an effective Alzheimer’s care plan that fully addresses the senior’s needs. As care needs change, our Care Managers remain on call to assist families around the clock. The care plan is also reviewed and revised regularly to ensure support is always beneficial and effective.

Our assessments and care plans are:

  • Comprehensive and take into account environmental safety, the manifestation of various symptoms, effective management techniques, the client’s social history, and unique symptoms such as sundowner’s syndrome, delirium, and wandering
  • Proactive to provide meaningful activity, socialization, and mobility that stimulates cognition and helps seniors maintain healthier, more normal routines and schedules
  • Inclusive of medical recommendations. Our caregivers provide medication reminders, assist with prescribed therapy activities, and monitor the senior’s overall health so family members and medical professionals remain informed of progress or setbacks.

Mentally Engaging Activities Provided at No Additional Charge

Our professional caregivers go beyond meeting basic needs to help clients retain cognitive functioning in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. Our Alzheimer’s care methods are an important component of this approach. All Alzheimer’s caregivers at Ambience In-Home Care are trained in techniques of cognitive stimulation that are implemented in our Alzheimer’s care plans at no additional cost to our clients.

Managing Alzheimer’s can be made easier with the right support. Ambience In-Home Care is here to help. We also offer specialized dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s care. Call us at (469) 573-4213 to request your complimentary evaluation.

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