The hospital can be an intimidating place for anyone facing an illness or recovering from an injury. Doctors and nurses are available to assist, but they’re often unfamiliar faces caring for multiple patients at a time. Having around-the-clock one-on-one support can speed up the recovery process and reduce instances of rehospitalization after a senior returns home. For both Richardson families and medical professionals, Ambience In-Home Care is the preferred provider of post-hospital care. Our professional and compassionate caregivers have extensive experience in caring for seniors and are available 24 hours a day to meet your aging loved one’s individual needs.

Hospital Sitters Ensure Continuity of Care

Our hospital sitters are highly trained caregivers who provide support and companionship during hospitalization, using effective listening skills to understand the senior’s needs and adjust services as necessary. Caregivers often assist with bathing and grooming, monitoring incoming guests, and taking notes during doctors’ visits. Our caregivers are meticulously screened, licensed, and bonded employees, and they treat our clients with dignity and respect during this vulnerable period. Our one-on-one care approach promotes healing and reduces instances of boredom and depression for the seniors we serve.

Respite, Relief & Peace of Mind

Ambience In-Home Care understands the value of a strong support system. Our caregivers respect the family unit and include them in the care plan. Family members are invited to ask questions, make care recommendations, and get to know their loved one’s caregiver. This approach to forming relationships helps family members feel comfortable leaving their loved ones when our caregivers are present, and it allows them to get the rest they need to provide effective support. With Ambience In-Home Care, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


When the time comes for a senior to be discharged, our caregivers provide support as the client transitions to the home environment or spends time in a rehabilitative facility. Post-hospital care is always flexible to meet the family’s needs, and services can be increased or reduced at any time throughout the recovery process. Additionally, at Ambience In-Home Care, we remain on call 24 hours a day for questions or concerns and go to great lengths to ensure the client receives high-quality, consistent care throughout the recovery process.

If you’re in need of flexible, reliable post-hospital care in Richardson, give us a call at (469) 573-4213 today. We’ll meet with you at your convenience for a free no-obligation consultation where you can further discuss your aging loved one’s needs.