A diagnosis of dementia leaves many families feeling confused about what the future might hold. Since this diagnosis applies to many different diseases, understanding the implications of the diagnosis or the path a senior loved one will travel as he or she progresses through the various stages can be complicated and often unpredictable, making it difficult to find the right level of care as needs change.

Ambience In-Home Care is a preferred provider of dementia care in Richardson, TX. Our professional caregivers understand seniors with dementia have unique needs. Using our carefully developed dementia care plans, they take measures to meet the exact needs of each client while considering personal preferences, routines, and schedules. Professional support empowers seniors with dementia to feel more independent, remain safely and comfortably at home, and continue to enjoy the many familiar things they love.

Dementia Care Ambience
Ambience Dementia Care

Our Dementia Caregivers Become an Important Part of Our Clients’ Lives

Even in the earliest stages of dementia, seniors sometimes resist necessary assistance, which makes it challenging for families to find the right caregiver and continue to support their loved one’s goal to age in place. Helping seniors feel comfortable with their home care experience is important to Garland, Richardson Home Care. Our matching process pairs seniors with caregivers they have things in common with. We consider hobbies, interests, scheduling preferences, and personalities when making decisions about who will provide care to each client. This approach increases opportunities for bonding, encourages seniors to welcome caregivers into their homes, and creates relationships that are an extension of the family unit.


Our compassionate dementia caregivers are industry leaders, but we acknowledge that caring for a senior with dementia can sometimes be daunting and challenging. It’s our goal to prepare our team with the tools they need to meet the challenges seniors with dementia face with compassion and dignity.

High-quality training is an important component in our effort to accomplish this goal, and our caregivers receive ongoing instruction in methods of cognitive stimulation. We help seniors with dementia boost mental acuity, retain cognition, and enjoy greater health, happiness, and independence at home for longer.

When it comes to finding a reliable professional to help your loved one overcome the challenges dementia brings, reach out to Ambience In-Home Care. Call us today at (469) 573-4213 to schedule your complimentary no-obligation evaluation and enhance your loved one’s quality of life.

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